Hidden Hollow

"Off-Grid Tiny Home Village"


What is Hidden Hollow?

Hidden Hollow is a privately owned enterprise located in Tarzwell, Ontario, Canada...between Englehart and Kirkland Lake situated along Round Lake's shoreline.  Hidden Hollow has been in operation for more than 35+ years leasing seasonal summer cottages, and year-round winter cottages.  Hidden Hollow recently expanded and now offers land leases so people can build and own their forever homes.


 A winter white postcard setting taken a couple weeks ago.


Our Core Values:

Our core values include honesty, operating with integrity and transparency, and ensuring the safety and well-being of both the people and the animals that reside here.  We have everyone’s best interests at heart!


Our Mission: 

With today’s rising land and housing costs, Hidden Hollow has taken steps forward to expand its business and offer people an affordable, self-sufficient, and/or off-grid lifestyle option. Hidden Hollow is now offering people the opportunity to lease a piece of our land, so they can build and own their own cottage, cabin, shed conversion, tiny homes on the ground, or tiny homes on wheels.


3 Stage Home/Land Ownership Plan:

We have designed a three stage system that lets people build and own their home on our land as a permanent residence or  build and own their home on our land, with plans to purchase their own land in the future.  We have designed a system that allows people to move their home to a new location, if and when they are ready; although, we would love them to stay with us forever.

One of the most difficult aspects of living off-grid is having enough savings to purchase land and build your off-grid tiny home, at the same time.  Often, this requires paying rent at an additional location while you clear your land, put in a driveway, build your home, and outfit it with solar, heat, etc. 

We have simplified this by allowing you to live in a tent, motorhome, trailer, yurt, etc. on a lot close to your build site from Spring to Thanksgiving Weekend, while you add the winter essentials to your home. So, now you can put your money into your own home, instead of into an expensive rental unit. 


Our 3 Stage System:  

1.  Build your home...     

2.  Buy your own land...     

3.  Move your finished home to the land you own.


At Hidden Hollow, we have a list of reasonably priced "Home" movers, at the office, to assist you.


Special Features:

Hidden Hollow is located in an unincorporated (unorganized) township that does NOT require building permits, but does require that a new home meets the Ontario Building Code, for both your safety and your health.

At Hidden Hollow, you can choose to be on the power grid (Hydro One electricity), at your expense, or choose to live totally off-grid using today’s modern technology options  - solar, wind, wood heat, rainwater catchment, etc.