Hidden Hollow

"Off-Grid Tiny Home Village"

About Us


Being centrally located between Englehart and Kirkland Lake, our homeowners have access to both communities that provide hospitals, as well as a variety of department stores, restaurants, grocery stores, hardware and lumber stores, plus a number of entertainment venues.  We also have a fire department less than five (5) minutes down the road.


Checking out the reeds where the duckies' swim!


Hidden Hollow has more than 5,330 feet of shoreline, a fabulous beach with sandy shores that gradually meander to deeper waters offering a perfect swimming area for the family, as well as sunbathing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, boating exploration, and a private boat launch that is accessible to all residents, at no charge.

Located within a few minutes from our location, you will find a dog park, garden centres, farmer’s markets, golf courses, entertainment opportunities, and outdoor activities such as hiking, cross-country skiing, four-wheeling and groomed snowmobile trails going to North Bay, Quebec, and other destinations.

Hidden Hollow is located in a renowned fishing and hunting area, and although there is no hunting permitted on Hidden Hollow’s land, there is crown land access just outside our property. 


Children having fun in Shallow Bay


At Hidden Hollow, we offer a natural, safe, pet-friendly community with lots of space for children to run and play!



Hidden Hollow has long been considered by local residents to be their own private version of the "Muskoka's" in the North; therefore, whether you enjoy frolicking on a sandy beach, skiing and sledding through a winter paradise, or just sitting on our private beach patio and sipping wine while watching our fantastic evening sunsets...


...we have it in our very own "Muskoka North" Off-Grid Tiny Home Village.


You are welcome at Hidden Hollow anytime to view the grounds and see what we have to offer, as well as a guided tour and additional information, please book an appointment, at