Hidden Hollow

"Off-Grid Tiny Home Village"


Community Hall gets a Facelift

Last summers renovation project - Refacing the Community Hall

Hidden Hollow's Community Hall is enjoyed by all residents.  It is the place where we gather to enjoy pot luck dinners, family gatherings, social afternoons, cards and games, classes and courses, children's activities, and so much more.


Building Notes:

When it comes to building a home, there are many options available including "Build your Own", Prefabricated Shell, and Manufactured Tiny Home...

As mentioned, Hidden Hollow is located in an unorganized township; therefore, a building permit is not required to build your home.  Many people believe that because we are located in an unorganized township, we can build anything we like...this is not true.  No matter what you build, you are required to build it to meet the Ontario Tiny Home Building Code.  

With this being said, it should be noted that this does not mean that permits for things such as electrical are not required.  They are!

At Hidden Hollow, all homes are set up to be mobile structures, even if you are planning to live here permanently.  This provides you options such as renting, selling, and moving your home.  Often, things happen in life that are unexpected, so we have designed this mobile community to ensure we have you covered.

At Hidden Hollow, we have full liability insurance and take pride in our natural environment; therefore, we ask that our residents use only environmentally-friendly products and composting or incinerating toilets.




Hidden Hollow

2005 Tarzwell Lane

Tarzwell, Ontario 

Canada P0K 1V0