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Frequently Asked Questions: Lease



Questions about building a home on leased land:


  1.   What is a Land Lease Home?

A “land lease home” is a “dwelling”, other than a mobile home, that is a permanent structure where the owner of the structure (cottage, cabin, tiny, etc.), has leased a plot of land with the intention of using it for a long-term residential dwelling.

  1.  When can I come to see what Hidden Hollow has to offer?

You can come to Hidden Hollow any time you would like and one of our friendly staff will be available to answer your questions and show you around.  Our only request is that you notify us by email, in advance, of your pending arrival date, so we can ensure someone is around when you arrive.  Once you arrive, all you need to do is check in at the office.

  1. Can I live in a yurt, tent, trailer, or RV as a housing option?'

No, these options are not suitable for year around living as winter temperatures often reach -40 or lower and often have strong winds.  At Hidden Hollow, we are responsible for your safety and all structures on this property must meet the Ontario Tiny Home Building Code.

Exception to this rule:

In the summer, during year one of your lease, you can live in one of the recreational units listed in the question above, while you build and install necessary services ready for the pending winter;  although all recreational vehicles and housing options must be dismantled and/or removed from this assigned area prior to the Thanksgiving Weekend.

If you own a trailer or RV, it must be moved to our designed parking and storage area.  This is a courtesy service, so you do not have to pay a storage facility, unless you choose to.  We have a list in our office to assist you, should you choose to.

  1.  Can I lease land without travelling to Hidden Hollow?

No, you must travel to Hidden Hollow in order to check out what Hidden Hollow has to offer and to obtain an application form.  You must complete our application form and be approved, before you can lease a lot(s).  We do not lease lots, sight unseen.

You can secure a lot by completing and sending Hidden Hollow your application form, required documents, and your $500.00 non-refundable deposit. Upon approval, the $500.00 deposit “will be deducted” from your first year’s lease payment.  If not approved, your $500.00 deposit will be refunded to you.

Once your application is approved, we guarantee you, in writing, there will be a lot(s) available when you arrive at Hidden Hollow to sign your lease.   Lots selection is first come, first served basis. 

  1.  Is there an administration fee payable when I submit an application form for approval?

No, we have never collected an administration fee when accepting an application form or notifying you, by email, that your application is approved.  There is no need, as you are responsible to provide all the information requested, for our consideration and approval.

  1.  After submitting an application form, approximately how long does it take to be approved?

Usually, it takes less than a week, unless there are complications we need to discuss with you over the phone, and then it could take a little bit longer.

  1.  Is there a renewal fee when it comes time to renewal my lease agreement?

No, there is no fee to renew your lease. 

  1.  Do lease fees increase when I renew my lease?

Although that has never happened here...If there is a time when fees need to be increased, a written notification will be sent to you,  at least 6 months prior to your next renewal date.

  1. What happens if I want to rent my home in the future?

If you decide to rent your home, the person you are renting to, must undergo Hidden Hollow’s application process, and receive a written approval from the property owner. 

As you own the home and the lease agreement is in your name, you are still responsible to maintain all the terms and conditions outlined in your lease agreement, and any damages caused by your renter, as specified in the land lease agreement.  You assume full responsibility for your tenant.

  1.  What happens if I want to sell my home?

The Property Owner shall not prohibit the sale of your home.  You are welcome to place a “for sale” sign in your home’s window, on the public bulletin board, and in the community e-newsletter, at no charge.  You may also advertise your home for sale anywhere else, at your expense. 

If a purchaser is buying your home and plans to leave it at Hidden Hollow, prior to the closing date of the sale, the purchaser will be required to complete an application form, obtain the Property Owner’s approval in writing, and complete their own land lease agreement.  Price may be subject to change.

If the purchaser is buying your home to move to another location, not on Hidden Hollow’s property, the purchaser must remove your home from Hidden Hollow’s property within 30 days after the closing date, unless a written agreement with the property owner extends the moving date.

Please note:  We have a list of house movers available in the office, should you need assistance.

  1.  What happens to my home in the case of death?

At Hidden Hollow, we strongly recommend you include your home and land lease agreement as part of your estate, as in your untimely passing, your heir(s) will be able to decide whether they wish to sell your home or maintain it and use it for themselves.  Leases, in this instance, expire 30 days after your death.

If your children wish to sell your home, the Property Owner shall not prohibit the sale of your home.  Please see Question # 10.

If your heir(s) wish to keep your home and decide to stay on Hidden Hollow’s property, your heir(s) will need to go through our application process and be approved to obtain their own land lease agreement.  Price may be subject to change.

If the home is to be move to another location, not on Hidden Hollow’s property, the heir(s) must remove all your personal property and your home from Hidden Hollow’s property within 90 days.

  1.   Termination of Tenancy:

By the Property Owner:

Tenants at Hidden Hollow are generally subject to the same termination grounds as “regular” tenants renting an apartment or house.  The Property Owner reserves the right to serve “Notice of Termination” after three written notices of offences against Hidden Hollow’s rules and regulations, depending on the severity of the offense, and/or other “regular” tenant offences.  A written “Notice of Termination” will be sent to the tenant by registered mail.  Upon receipt of the “Notice of Termination”, the tenant will have 60 days to remove all their personal property from Hidden Hollow’s property. 

Please note:  We have a list of house movers available in the office, to assist you.

By the Tennant:

As tenants pay by the year, Tenants must serve a written “Notice of Termination” 6 months prior to their next payment date and make provisions to remove all their property from Hidden Hollow on or before their next yearly payment is due.

Please note:  We have a list of house movers available in the office, to assist you.


f you have any additional questions, please make a list and bring it with you when you come to check out Hidden Hollow. 


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