Hidden Hollow

"Off-Grid Tiny Home Village"


Frequently Asked Questions:


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Questions About Hidden Hollow:


  1.  What area is Hidden Hollow located in?

Hidden Hollow is located in an unorganized township in the Timiskaming district.

  1.  How far away is Hidden Hollow from Ontario’s major cities?

Hidden Hollow is 486.04km from Toronto, 436.72km from Ottawa, and 672.12km from Windsor.

  1.  What can I expect for weather at Hidden Hollow?

In the summer, the weather is warm and sunny with the occasional rainstorm.  Temperatures can reach up to mid 30C.

In the winter, the weather is cold and snowy, with periodic sunny days.  Temperatures can reach as low as -40C periodically, but generally is not too much colder than -20C.  This area can get from 2' to 4' of snow accumulating over the winter, depending on the year.

  1.  When is the best time to start my build at Hidden Hollow?

Our summer building season is short in this area, so as soon as the frost leaves the ground is the best time to start.  Your home and all essential services need to be installed before the snow begins to fly, which can be as early as the Thanksgiving weekend. 

Once your essential services (insulation, solar, heat, water, etc.) are installed, you will have the winter months to work on the interior of your home, as it will be toasty and warm.

  1. What are the closest communities to Hidden Hollow?

The closest communities to Hidden Hollow are Kirkland Lake and Englehart, which are a 15-minute drive north or south.  These communities have all amenities.  If you are seeking big box stores, such as Wal-mart, TSC, etc. you will need to drive to New Liskeard, which is approx. 30-minute drive south of Hidden Hollow.

  1.  Do I need a building permit to build a home at Hidden Hollow?

No, we are located in an unorganized township.

  1.  Do I have to build my home to meet Ontario’s Building Code?

Yes, all homes built in Ontario must meet the Ontario Building Code requirements.

  1. If I decide to build my own home, will there be people available at Hidden Hollow to assist me with projects that require two or more people - raising walls and roofing?

Generally, there are always friendly people at Hidden Hollow that don’t mind lending the next person a hand, only requesting a returned favour should they require assistance on a two or more person job.

We also have two handy people at Hidden Hollow that do not mind helping out for a small fee.

  1. If I just want someone to build and enclose the shell to my home, so I can do the inside finishing work, can Hidden Hollow recommend anyone?

Yes, at Hidden Hollow, we keep a list of building contractors in the office, to assist you.

  1.  Are there people at Hidden Hollow that have lived off-grid, or partially off-grid with experience?

Yes, the majority of people who live at Hidden Hollow have experience living partially or totally off-grid for a number of years.  These people are happy to share ideas and solutions with new tenants, and we offer some evening seminars and online courses to assist new tenants.

  1. Will I be provided a mailing address, or do I need to get my own P. O. Box? - Notice of Change

At Hidden Hollow, our post office assigns you a post office box based on the street address we assign you have here.  So, for example, if you live at 14 Maple Lane at Hidden Hollow, your mailing address will be your name, 14 Maple Lane, Tarzwell, Ontario P0K 1V0.  This is a legal address, therefore you do not have to include a P.O. Box # as part of your address and this address is perfectly acceptable by all levels of government.

To obtain a post office box from the post office, located in Swasticka, a small village close to Kirkland Lake.  Post office boxes are FREE at our location...all you have to do is go into the post office and set it up once you have received your Hidden Hollow address.

  1. How do my friends and family find me at Hidden Hollow:

At Hidden Hollow, we have many streets and depending on which street your lot enters from, each lot on that street is given a number. For example: You may live at 2 Homestead Road if the lot you choose enters off Homestead Road, or 3 Maple Lane, if you choose your lot entrance off Maple Lane.

  1.  Do my guests and family have to pay a fee to visit me at Hidden Hollow?

No.  There is no fee for guests visiting residents at Hidden Hollow.

  1.  I notice you have comfort station.  Can anyone who lives at Hidden Hollow use the  comfort station?   What is a comfort station?

The comfort station is located on Tarzwell Road, just around the bend after entering Hidden Hollow.  This comfort station has showers and toilets and can be used while you build. 

In Northern Ontario, unless you live in a town or city, we do not have a “Water Commission”; therefore, potable (drinking and cooking) water can be obtained from several sources.  We have a well that is tested regularly and some freshwater springs located on the property that we plan to put into operation soon.  You are welcome to fill jugs and containers until a rainwater collection and filtering system is added to your home. If you are not a fan of well water, many are not, we also have a fresh water spring just down the road that is used, until our springs are in operation, by most people in the area. The best water you will ever taste...not chemically treated like town and city water!  

Please note:  We do not have hook-ups or a dumping station should you choose to live in a trailer or RV while you build.

  1.  What is the smallest tiny homes I can build?

 The smallest tiny home you can build is 188 sq. feet, but you can only build this size if you plan to live in it as an open concept home.  If you don't plan to live open concept, you will need to use this document, which specifies room sizes and much more....

16.  What is the largest home I am allowed to build at Hidden Hollow by width and length?

The largest home you can build at Hidden Hollow is 14' x 40" or 560 sq. feet.

17.  I would like to bring in a tiny home on wheels.  Are you able to accept them at Hidden Hollow?

Yes, we can accept Tiny Homes on Wheels, Shipping Container conversions, School Bus conversions, and 4 season RV's and trailers.

18.  I have school aged children.  Is there bus service?

Yes, all you need to do is register your children at the school and the bus will pick them up here at Hidden Hollow.

19.  Can I homestead and raise animals at Hidden Hollow?

Yes, you can homestead at Hidden Hollow.  Homestead lots are 1/2 acre and 1 acre lots.  You can have your own private garden plot and raise any type of poultry or livestock animals, excluding horses, provided you meet the following conditions.   

  • Prior to poultry and livestock arriving, all pens (fencing) must be in place, as well as well-built shelters.  The pens and shelters will need approval from the property owner.
  • All poultry and livestock must be sheltered with doors closed overnight - dusk to dawn, as we have predators around Hidden Hollow that would be happy to make a meal of them.
  • You can only have the number of poultry and livestock your lot size will support to feed your family.  These rules and regulations are to ensure the safety of our residents, as well as the health and safety of the poultry, livestock, and your family. 
  • Information about raising animals is available in our free information package you will be provided after you sign your lease agreement. 19. 

20. What is the name of the Lake near Hidden Hollow?

Hidden Hollow is located along the shoreline of Round Lake.  In fact, Hidden Hollow has 5,330 feet of shoreline with sandy beaches, swimming areas, and rock outcroppings.


Click here to see a video on Round Lake.


21. Do all lots have a view of Round Lake?

Views of Round Lake entirely depend on what lot you choose, although with that said, the shoreline of Round Lake is reserved as a community area and available to all tenants.

22.  Can I use a powerboat on round lake?

Yes, you can launch your powerboat from our private dock.  Here is a little bit more information about Round Lake in Tarzwell, Ontario. 

Latitude: 48.016 north, Longitude: 80.03780 west, Elevation: 879’, Depth:  180’

23.  What types of fish are in Round Lake?

Northern Pike, Pickerel, Perch, Large/small mouth Bass, and occasionally Lake Trout, as well as many other species, depending on the season.

24. Does this lake freeze over in the winter?

Yes, the surface of the lake freezes over, but the ice fishing is fantastic and a great source of food.

25. Can I hunt on Hidden Hollow’s property?

Hunting is NOT permitted on Hidden Hollow’s property, although there is “Crown Land” adjacent to our property and throughout the area.


If you have any additional questions, please make a list and bring it with you when you come to check out Hidden Hollow. 


To set up an appointment to visit Hidden Hollow, send email to: