Hidden Hollow

"Off-Grid Tiny Home Village"


Hidden Hollow’s Land Lease Agreement - Page 2







Services Included in your Land Lease Agreement:

  • Friendly and helpful office staff
  • Winter maintained roads
  • Mailing and Street Address
  • Use of our “private” boat launch
  • Access to our “Community Hall” for small gatherings
  • Access to our “Comfort Station” (showers), while building
  • A garden plot on your lot
  • Weekly garbage pick-up
  • Access to the designated swimming area for dogs
  • Hidden Hollow’s Newsletter - PDF format sent by email
  • Access to the “Parking Area” for ATV and boat trailers, etc


Additional Services available, at your expense:

  • Hidden Hollow residents have access to many internet service providers that offer various sized packages, including unlimited.   We are line of sight to towers and have excellent cell service.
  • On-grid electricity (Hydro One), using an underground hydro line connection.


What you should be aware of when Leasing Land:

Today, there are many communities offering leased land for an off-grid or self-sufficient lifestyle, but usually these communities have a monthly tax and maintenance fee, over and above, your “land lease” or “land purchase” fee.  This tax and maintenance fee can cost you thousands of additional dollars each year, often more than your land lease fees.

At Hidden Hollow, we are here to support and assist you with living a self-sufficient life; therefore, we do not charge maintenance fees, nor do we expect you to pay to improve our land.  Hidden Hollow’s owners maintain all roadways, including winter ploughing, and all community shared land.  All we expect you to do is be responsible for the maintenance of your own leased lot.

At Hidden Hollow, we do NOT expect you to be governed by a selected or elected association or governing group that makes and enforces rules you may or may not agree with.  Usually when it comes to large infrastructure projects, deemed necessary by the governing group or association, you are responsible to pay your portion of the costs incurred.

Therefore, what may sound like a fantastic bargain,,, may not be after all the additional fees are added to your base “land lease” or “land purchase” amount.   Communities offering “Land Purchase” are generally just a perpetuating “Land Lease” agreement, used when building what most people would consider a subdivision property with hundreds of homes.

As the saying goes:  If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is!



Hidden Hollow does have rules and regulations that apply to all residents.  Each person is supplied a copy of our rules and we requested you read all the rules and ask questions about anything you do not understand, before signing your lease agreement.  A copy of Hidden Hollow’s rules is included within the land lease agreement and requires your signature confirming that you have read and understand the rules.