Hidden Hollow

"Off-Grid Tiny Home Village"


Hidden Hollow’s Land Lease Agreement


At Hidden Hollow, we offer a ninety-nine (99) year land lease with renewable (21) twenty-one year terms.  Our land lease agreement offers five different lot size choices and prices, all designed to assist you with reducing your debt, becoming self-sufficient, and living within your budget.

Land Lease Sizes and Prices:



At Hidden Hollow, we offer two types of lots...forested and cleared.  The cleared lots are best for people planning to build off-grid using solar, as they provide maximum daily sunshine and allow you to plant trees, shrubs, bushes, flowerbeds, and a vegetable garden, if you choose to. 

Forested lots will need clearing for a driveway and structures, at your expense.  You can clear it yourself, if you meet our requirements, or to save you time you can hire our onsite crew, at a very reasonable price. 

Each year, we have a limited number of lots available for building, as this allows us time in the late fall and early spring to repair all damages caused by the heavy construction and moving equipment involved during the busy summer building season.  We value our natural forest setting and work hard to ensure it is returned to its natural condition after each build season.

Lots are available on a first come, first served basis, although you can guarantee that a lot will be available with a $500.00 non-refundable deposit.  This deposit will be deducted from your first year lease payment.


Please note:  At Hidden Hollow, we do not lease by the month.  All lease payments are yearly and due May 15th each year.


Land Sizes  - Cost/Month - Yearly Lease 


25’ x 40’            $150.00          $1,800.00 

40’ x 40’            $184.00          $2,200.00 

40’ x 60’             $217.00         $2,600.00

1/2 acre             $250.00         $3,000.00

                            Approx. Size:  100' x 218'

1 acre                 $292.00         $3,500.00

                            Approx. Size:  100' x 435'


At Hidden Hollow all half-acre and one-acre lots are located within the forest.   These are the only lots that can be use for homesteading. 


Please note:  We have an application process that needs to be completed and you need to be approved, before a lease can be completed.