Hidden Hollow

"Off-Grid Tiny Home Village"




All cottages are booked for the 2021 season.

Hidden Hollow has several cottages that are available each year.  Cottages have hydro and non-potable water for doing dishes, clean up, etc.  Cottages vary in size and layout with most being located along the lake or just over the road on the other side of the lake. Our seasonal rates start May 1st and run until Thanksgiving Weekend in October.

Seasonal Rental Rate (including hydro)    $2,000.00 - due prior to May 15th each year.



Due to demand, this year we have added a few Bunkies to accommodate people who are just looking to spend some quality vacation time away from home, or to accommodate those who are interested in building on a lot and would like to spend some time here checking out the area. 

Bunkies can be rented on a weekly, weekend, or daily basis to meet your needs.  Bunkies come equipped with dishes, silverware, a bed, and cooking surface.  People who rent the bunkies need to bring their own coolers for food, linen, pots and pans, and anything else they think they will need.... We are an off-grid community, therefore people renting bunkies need to bring what they need, the same as when they go camping in the wild.


Bunkie Rental Rates:

Weekly (7 days)       $300.00             Weekend (Fri. to Sun.)  $125.00              Daily Rate:  $45.00




for motorhomes, trailers, vans, and other self-contained vehicles

including  Tiny Homes on Wheels, Shipping Container conversions, and School Bus conversions.

This year at Hidden Hollow, we have opened up a couple areas for large and small recreational vehicles.  Hidden Hollow does not have hydro available, as we are off-grid, but we do have a comfort station with showers and non-potable water for doing dishes and laundry, plus a well for drinking and cooking water.  There are other places that potable water tanks can be filled, using natural spring water.

We understand that most recreational vehicles, excluding self-contained, use electronic ignition to fire the fridge, water heater, and furnace from the vehicle's battery.  This requires that the battery is charged using one of the two methods, either generator or solar panel.

Although we understand this is essential to keep the trailer appliances operating, at Hidden Hollow, we prefer you use the solar panel method, as generators are noisy and often are offensive to other campers, if run for long periods. 

You can pick up a charge controller and 12v 100 watt solar panel, at a reasonable price, at any branch of Canadian Tire or any other store that sells solar parts. 

Please only use a generator to charge your battery when absolutely necessary, not as a daily charging method!


What are other self-contained vehicles:  Vehicles built as a permanent living space or tiny home. Example: Van/Bus


Seasonal Rate:

May 15th to Thanksgiving Weekend      $900.00

Winter Storage  (on your lot)                  $200.00


If you bring or refer a friend, you will receive a 10% discount on your seasonal fee this year.  That's a $90.00 savings!